The need to follow best practice in handling desktop/device management, updates and security is more vital than ever before. Safeguarding your business and providing effective IT solutions will stop your workforce losing momentum.

If you’re working on managing your IT estate and security, you’re likely impacted by a few key factors:

  • The recent need to perform functional updates on your whole desktop estate annually.
  • Increasing demand for User Device Security due to growing modern cyber-attack approaches.
  • Shift in business demand from common IT Operations to Internal Resources.
  • Tackling the changes in Windows as a Service (WaaS) and Endpoint Manager.

In this short video Philip Mercer provides an overview of how you can approach things differently and create a modern workplace.

We take a look at the key elements that make up the service approach and how customers have gained value by being able to work with a trusted partner alongside their team, ensuring not only that they are managed and secure but are realising the benefits of modern devices and management.

If the above sounds familiar to you and you would like to know how other businesses are making the choice to Buy rather than Build, watch the video below or click here to open.

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