Single-use devices, such as the check-in screen at your GP surgery, or the visitor login screens at your hotel receptions, are the forgotten device type. 

They’re often overlooked, but by leaving them out of management strategies you’re leaving your systems vulnerable to attack and spending extra time on manual updates and patching. 

There’s a better way! 

Single-use devices can and should be managed and updated like any other Windows 10 device.

In this webinar Heinrich Pelser will explain how you can deliver, manage and secure a single-use device using Windows 10 Kiosk mode. 


  • Introduction and overview of single-use device use cases and types
  • Overview of Windows 10 Kiosk Mode and use cases
  • Delivering a Windows 10 Kiosk
  • Securing the Kiosk device
  • Effectively managing the Kiosk
  • Summary

If your organisation utilises single-use devices and you’re guilty of neglecting them, now’s your chance to fix that.

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