Streamlining Desktop Management in 2021

In a mobile world with ever-changing working styles, businesses are facing issues keeping devices and desktops secure. Device management can be a big challenge, often requiring a lot of time and resource to be performed properly.

Join our first webinar of 2021 as we run through our latest case study addressing these issues

We helped a global organisation future proof their systems and run their business more efficiently, whilst simplifying and consolidating costs.

We’ll explain how our managed services approach increased productivity, sped up global IT operations and successfully moved their business to the cloud.

Date: Tuesday 23rd February

Time: 11am

We helped this business streamline their security and move their devices to cloud-based management using our SmarT Teaming Desktop service, a managed service which can:

  • Reduce IT desktop management and deployment challenges
  • Minimise desktop management tooling downtime and improve IT efficiency
  • Free up IT teams to focus on high-value, mission-critical support and projects
  • Transform IT from a triage operation into a strategic development function
  • Increase security on devices, wherever they are

Steve Beaumont, Chief Technology Officer and Heinrich Pelser, Head of Pre-Sales, will also give an overview of our SmarT Teaming Desktop service and how it uses existing tech investments to streamline IT operations and increase ROI.

This webinar is the first in our three-part SmarT Teaming series – check out parts two and three here:

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Streamlining Desktop Management in 2021

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