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Modernise your workplace with SmarT Teaming for fantastic end-user experience, secured devices and more time to focus on high-value projects. SmarT Teaming is a managed service that not only reduces the complexity and risk, but frees up internal resources and greatly reduces costs in the long term. 


Workplace and IT requirements are ever-evolving, meaning organisations can struggle to manage, patch, and ensure environments are secure.

Unlike other service contract structures, whose model is to replace existing teams, PowerON integrates with IT teams to provide a bespoke service that frees up your IT team to work on high value, long-term projects.

Key features

Managed, proactive support

Service tailored to your needs

Integrates with your existing team

Centralised management hub

Managed updates and patching

What's involved?

The SmarT teaming service is designed to create a supported operating model together with the customers IT operations to manage the life cycle of client devices in your business, while maximising the service performance, stability and user experience, without the expense and risk of managing these key tasks internally.


Unlike other service contract structures, whose model is to replace existing teams, our purpose is to integrate with your teams to manage the complex higher-level administration and management teams. We’re focused on eliminating computer problems from escalating, by ensuring a robust servicing framework with managed third-line dedicated support.


We have been delivering our specialised service agreement approach across a broad and varied set of customer environments, achieving impressive results.


The below provides a high-level view of the service elements that are covered within different levels and modules of SmarT service.

PowerON provides a modular approach to allow for flexibility when working to build a service that fits your organisations needs and can integrate effectively with your teams operating model.

We provide an approach that allows you to bring your users a modern experience for IT device delivery through our specialist consulting processes and tool sets developed with leading Enterprise organisations over the last number of years and with the latest innovations from vendors. 

Read more about the technologies we use to deliver this service:

What are the benefits?

SmarT Teaming is ideal for organisations struggling to manage and maintain the constant updates and changes of IT environments. We can provide the level of depth and support not possible for internal IT teams due to ever-changing skills and resource capacity.


SmarT Teaming is perfect for:

  • Reduce IT desktop management and deployment challenges

  • Minimise desktop management tooling downtime and improve IT efficiency

  • Free up IT team to focus on high-value, mission-critical support and projects

  • Transform your IT services team from a triage operation into a strategic development function

Why PowerON?

As PowerON is a specialist Elite and Gold Partner for Microsoft, you can have confidence that our approach is aligned to deliver the best result for your business tailored to your needs and situation.


We are one of only eight partners globally to hold this capability covering Enterprise Mobility and Security space, with several Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) within our consulting practice focused Windows and the Microsoft Management arena.


This capability is proven with over 24,500 managed devices currently supported by PowerON services and counting. This is further reinforced with ISO accreditations for both Security (27001) and Quality (9001)

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