Simplifying Mobile Device Management with SmarT Teaming

Employees need to access company data on mobile devices – it’s typically expected in today’s modern workplace – so it’s crucial that this data is secured. With varying experiences across the thousands of devices available, mobile device management is a complex task.

As with all device management, the happy medium between security and usability is key, however just as important is understanding the limitations of these platforms. Add to this the diverse uses for each mobile device, and teams can find themselves with hidden security risks on their hands.

We’ll explain how SmarT Teaming Mobile can take care of device provisioning, mobile security config and mobile application controls in one streamlined managed service.

       Date: Tuesday 23rd March

       Time: 11am

Join Philip Mercer, Managing Director and Leon Ashton-Leatherland, Internal Delivery Consultant, on this 30-minute webinar to discover how SmarT Mobile can:

  • Streamline onboarding and offboarding of mobile devices (particularly beneficial for companies working with contractors or volunteers)
  • Increase security and reduce malware risks from end-user activity
  • Enable easy device management via a service crafted from vendor and nationally recognised security standards, as well as industry wide experience

This is the final webinar in our three-part SmarT Teaming series – check out parts one and two here:

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