The Windows 10 Management Journey

Tailored to customer requirements

Windows 10 brings many benefits to any organisation; User productivity and flexibility is improved, security risks and costs are reduced. However, unexpected risks and challenges can be disruptive, costly and extend the project timeline. 

PowerON understands this challenge to organisations and have created the journey in three steps: Assess, Migrate & Manage. 

Learn about each of the three steps below:


PowerON provide detailed and tailored insights into Windows estates across device health, update compliance and upgrade readiness. Ensuring all the information is available to effectively plan the migration (and management) to Windows 10.


PowerON’s Windows 10 Management and Migration is designed to be as prescriptive as the customer needs it to be. This can be as simple as resource support through to providing a methodology, accelerated delivery and the assurance in delivering a strong technical solution.


The transition to Windows as a Service demands fundamental changes in operational management. PowerONs Desktop SmarT Teaming service ensures systems are always effectively managed, patched and secured – freeing up IT department to be more proactive and ensuring organisations fully leverage the value of Windows 10.

PowerON's Core Service Recommendations


PowerON engage and support clients at all stages of their Windows 10 journey. From initial Assessment and discovery through to Migration and full rollout, before supporting them with ongoing and proactive support across their new ‘Windows as a Service’ motion within their organisation. Whether it be in a technical, consultative or advisory capacity. The core component for each phases of our Windows 10 customer journey are outlined below.

complete WIndows 10 Migration Solution

PowerON has built a modular service that allows organisations gain support they need from basic discovery readiness and planning through to a fully managed migration.

Speed up migration with PowerON Pulse

Speed up your Windows 10 journey by migrating your devices with PowerON Pulse. Quickly onboard and deploy pulse to devices ready for migration.

successfully manage ongoing updates with PowerON SmarT Teaming

PowerON’s SmarT Teaming service uses a standardised robust enterprise level process to ensure customer systems are being managed efficiently.

Information from the customer

PowerON have been working closely with a range of organisations from a variety of industries, including Local Government, International Enterprises, Healthcare, Higher Education, Retail, legal and Professional Services – to support them on their Windows 10 strategies. Below are two case studies which highlight how two of our clients began their Windows 10 management journeys with us: 

Want to learn more?

How are you managing your migration?

With the impending end of support for Windows 7, the urgency to migrate to a supported platform is gaining increasing urgency. As a result PowerON has designed a webinar series to explore the key considerations when migrating to Windows 10 effectively and the ongoing management of Windows as a Service. The  five part webinar series will discuss and demonstrate relevant processes and techniques to ensure your Windows 10 migration is as smooth as possible. 

The first webinar of the series explores the start of your journey, application readiness with Windows Analytics and Microsoft’s free Modern Desktop Assessment

Delivered by PowerON’s Managing Director, Phil Mercer, our second session introduces a structured framework to help understand your app estate, through to rationalisation, deployment and application readiness.

What is your Windows 10 configuration and how can you simplify your environment reducing tools and improving the benefits of deploying into your estate? Extending the value with items such as Azure AD, Always on VPN given the native integrations with the new Cloud enabled OS.

When migrating to Windows 10 how are you going to manage the updates and Windows as a Service?

The final session of the series looks at additional technologies that enhance your Windows as a Service. The session is designed to educate on the tools available and when certain tools should be utilised.

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