Desktop SmarT Teaming

A standardised, centralised and robust management process

PowerON’s Desktop SmarT Teaming Service provides organisations with expert third line technical assistance in the architecture, efficiency and life cycle maintenance of end user compute environments

What's Involved

The Desktop SmarT Teaming Service covers a range of elements, including image creation, configuration, application packaging and deployment, feature and quality update management as well as associated configuration of Microsoft Security and configuration technologies.

Ideal Service

SmarT Teaming is ideal for customers struggling to manage and maintain the constant updates and changes of IT environments. PowerON can provide the level of depth and support not possible for internal IT teams due to ever changing skills and resource capacity.


SmarT Teaming features standardised, centralised and robust management with rigorous process control. This ensures systems remain up to date and secure.

Proven Methodologies

PowerON’s enterprise level processes and proven methodologies ensures customers environments are being managed in the most efficient manner possible.

Unique to PowerON

Unlike other service contract structures, whose model is to replace existing teams, PowerON integrates with customer teams to manage the complex higher-level administration and operational management of your client environment.

Best Fit

The service is best fit for organisations who are looking to enhance their operational model to support the need to manage the ongoing and continual updates through an extended service partner to help design and manage the client environment.


The Desktop SmarT Teaming service utilises PowerON’s Pulse Platform to provide a centralised management hub that greatly simplifies the management approach for client devices across all locations.

Why PowerON

As well as being a certified Microsoft Gold Partner and select Microsoft Elite Partner, PowerON boasts an extensive team of System Management and monitoring experts with a number of Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals in the team.

Next Steps

No organisation is the same and PowerON offers bespoke support based on customer requirements. Contact the PowerON team and explore how many IT teams and customers are benefiting from the Desktop SmarT Teaming service.

PowerON Customers

City of Wolverhampton Council 150 x 150-min
Stena 150 x 150-min
PPDG 150 x 150-min
National Trust of Scotland
University-Of-Cambridge 150 x 150
royal-opera-house-150-x-150–compressor (1)
Brunswick-150-x-150–compressor (1)
villa-plus-150-x-150-compressor (1)
Keoghs-150-x-150–compressor (1)
shoosmiths-150-x-150-compressor (1)
Bloor-homes-150-x-150-compressor (1)
Uni-of-Hertfordshire-150-x-150-compressor (1)
Bromford-150-x-150–compressor (1)
Churchill-150-x-150-compressor (1) (1)
ESRI 150 x 150

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