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The Enterprise Modern Management Service is an approach which allows organisations to simplify device management, improve security and end user experience. 


What's Involved

Encompassing multiple technologies, the service can include Azure Active Directory, Information Protection, Intune, Windows Defender, Advanced Threat Analytics, Auto Pilot and Pulse. You can choose which elements your organisation needs to continue to enhance the Modern Management approach.

When to do it

The best time to utilise this service is as an organisation is whilst adopting or transitioning to Windows 10, however it is better to utilise the service as soon as possible.


The benefits of the service are that flexibility is increased, identity and settings are managed from anywhere in the world whilst devices are kept up to date and in-sync with business needs. New Services, application sets and features are also offered.

Any Size

No matter the size, sector or industry, organisations can utilise the service to better manage devices.

Core Windows 10 Management

Organisations can utilise Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Intune and Pulse technologies to ensure the core aspects of Windows 10 is correctly managed.

Staged Deployment

Organisations can receive a simple, correctly staged and controlled deployment for environments, reducing the risk of error.

Speedy Delivery

Depending on device size and requirement, the service can be completed in less than 2 weeks.

Why PowerON

PowerON has offered this service for a long time and know the stages inside and out, by working with organisations of different sizes the offering has evolved and experience has been gained.

Next Steps

Looking to use all elements or just a few of the service? Contact the PowerON team and discuss how Enterprise Modern Management can be the perfect fit.

PowerON Customers

City of Wolverhampton Council 150 x 150-min
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National Trust of Scotland
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ESRI 150 x 150

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