Secure Server Patch Management with SmarT Teaming

70% of cyberattacks exploit known vulnerabilities with available patches – accurate and fast server patching is critical for security.

Keeping servers secure and up to date is a complex task, so we’ll be explaining how you can reduce server patching time, cut out manual update processes, improve security and stay compliant with our latest addition to the SmarT Teaming managed services family.

New for 2021, we’re launching our SmarT Server Patching managed service – a flexible cloud-based service that supports your on-premises and public cloud infrastructure.

Date: Tuesday 9th March

Time: 11am

In this 30-minute webinar Leo D’Arcy, Head of Identity & Access and Heinrich Pelser, Head of Pre-Sales, will explain how this service can:

  • Increase security and peace of mind with up-to-date patching
  • Remove risk and reduce patching time
  • Ensure compliance with a holistic, easily-managed solution
  • Remove manual processes, saving employee time and reducing overtime
  • Increase control with comprehensive overviews of the server estate

This webinar is the second in our three-part SmarT Teaming series – check out parts one and three here:

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