Over the past couple of weeks we have seen a significant increase in requests from concerned organisations looking for assistance in securing remote workers and ensuring business continuity.

In this webinar PowerON’s Chief Technology Officer, Steve Beaumont, demonstrates PowerON’s Secure Remote Working On-Demand Service that enables customers to deliver a clean, secure and robust remote working experience within the space of days.

The service enables organisations to deliver a core minimum working standard in short working order to allow for fast initial setup, with the option to then further enhance functionality and application whilst the service is in use, further improving user experience and use. The service can be scaled up and down as required, meaning it can address short or long-term needs based on your requirements.

The Cloud Hosted Desktop/Applications are suitable for both corporate-owned and personal devices for access, and designed for Industry Security compliance.

Webinar agenda:

  • High-level overview of the current situation facing organisations from an IT perspective
  • Live demonstration of the service and any technical prerequisites
  • Top technical considerations
  • What’s new and how to get started, including a timeline
  • Post go-live options and potential developments

Watch the recording below or click here

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