Rocksteady Studios

Authorisation and Access

Customer Need

Rocksteady Studios is a Games Development business that makes up part of Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. Rocksteady have been the producers of blockbuster hits such as Batman Arkham Asylum.

The Challenge

Rocksteady were challenged by their range of internal business processes to manage internal access and authorisation. These were critical in ensuring quality and access control and Rocksteady needed a way to streamline these.


PowerON was engaged as the automation specialist. Working with the team at Rocksteady PowerON were able to leverage their existing Microsoft investments into System Center and supporting management tools. From this PowerON were able to create custom plugins and automation routines that supported the creation of managed authorisation process for request and change controls managed through their service desk.



The Key Benefits identified were:
– Reduced Operational Overheads

– Streamlined Authorisation and Access

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