Reducing Risk with Secure Server Patch Management

Security risks, compliance issues and data breaches are some of the biggest threats to bottom line across every industry in the world.

CISO and CIOs rate rapid IT changes and a shortage of cybersecurity skills as some of their biggest business challenges – and their teams are struggling to keep up with the rapid release rate of patches and updates for newly exposed vulnerabilities.

70% of cyberattacks exploit known vulnerabilities with server patches and updates available to secure them.

IT and business leaders are beginning to understand the importance of business capabilities that adapt to pace of the modern world.

When it comes to security, if you’re not one step ahead, your business is ten steps behind; accurate and fast server patching is critical.

This 30-minute webinar is vital for IT and security leaders who need peace of mind that their team are effectively and accurately protecting their IT estate.

Date: Tuesday 9th March

Time: 11am

Leo D’Arcy, Head of Identity & Access and Heinrich Pelser, Head of Pre-Sales, will explain how businesses can:

  • Removing barriers to great server security
  • How you can reduce time to patch (and remove risk)
  • Why you should care about removing manual, repetitive processes for your IT team
  • Ensuring compliance and security with a holistic security strategy
  • Increasing security and peace of mind with up-to-date server patching

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