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Helping maintain workforce productivity

Pulse provides significant advantages to organisations with an agile workforce and multiple site locations that need to keep their data secure and follow industry compliance and regulations. 



Devices are no longer required to be within office walls for patching, software deployments and updates. Pulse simply requires an internet connection, anywhere. Helping maintain workforce productivity.

Pulse Pilot

A pilot subscription allows customers to explore if Pulse meets their specific needs. Pilot users can quickly deploy and test images, applications and policy settings – Regardless of their location.

Simplified Administration

Say goodbye to daily, weekly and monthly maintenance routines like SQL optimisation, log management and monthly updates. Pulse is a fully managed platform service allowing IT teams to focus on managing users and devices. Pulse also provides a simplified day to day administration console for daily tasks.

Faster Windows 10 Imaging

Accelerate Windows 10 imaging with PowerONs default Pulse Windows 10 image files, featuring built in National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) policy templates.

Streamline site infrastructure

Satellite offices and sites normally require local servers to support device management demands. Pulse is a great solution for organisations with multiple sites and remote users as there is no on-premises server management infrastructure needed.

Easily Deploy Windows 10​

Support various scenarios either upgrading from Windows 7 or existing OEM Windows 10 devices. Pulse supports wipe & reload, bare metal (iPxe) and in-place upgrade deployment scenarios.


Traditionally, System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) would require designing, planning, building and deploying the core infrastructure before IT teams can start managing devices. Pulse is a cloud service so simply onboard and connect to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to start administering.

Reduce Security Risks

Control security and feature updates with confidence, ensuring they are applied without reliance on the location of end users. Report on device compliance and push out emergency updates effectively.

Bandwidth Optimisation to support site needs

Leveraging branch and peer cache technology, Pulse streamlines and minimises data transfer by using cache technology, negating the need for on-premises distribution points. PowerON have multiple deployment options to support operating system deployments on small sites such as USB build keys.

Pulse Customers

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