12 tips of christmas

Our Top Technical Tips

In line with the festive spirit PowerON has created a collection of our top 12 technical tips. These will be released on the run up to Christmas. So keep checking the page for our latest tip.

Happy Christmas from PowerON


First tip of Christmas

Leon Ashton-Leatherland: "My tip would be... When troubleshooting an Intune issue the best place to focus initially is the user in question via the troubleshooting blade in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center...
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Second tip of Christmas

Stephen Barnard: "My tip is syncing an Active Directory (AD) user group via AD Connect and licence that group in AAD for EMS, O365 licenses rather than licence each user individually.”
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third tip of christmas

Luke Smith: My technical tip is using the filter tool in CMTrace when looking through Configuration Manager logs.
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Fourth tip of Christmas

Peter Egerton: "My tip is to always use the ‘What If’ tool when creating or troubleshooting Conditional Access rules."
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Fifth tip of christmas

Leo D'Arcy: Recently I was looking into the interesting behaviour around how domain controller logon servers are cached on a device and therefore ‘stick’ between users and logon sessions. I find this can be useful when attempting to troubleshoot logon behaviour.
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Sixth tip of Christmas

Steve Beaumont: "Identify issues easier when working with ConfigMgr logs by using the “Highlight” option to search for and mark specific words (specific SID or app etc)."
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Seventh tip of Christmas

Peter Egerton: "Quickly find out who the local administrators are on your ConfigMgr clients by using a CMPivot query for real-time results."
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Eighth tip of Christmas

Ricky Patel: "Use the location column within 'Programs and Features' to identify the installation path and identify the architecture of installed applications"
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Ninth tip of christmas

The PowerON Team put their heads together and came up with their top Windows Shortcut Key Rules.
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Tenth tip of Christmas

Jonathan Fallis: "My tip is about how to identify object types in PowerShell Scripts."
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Eleventh tip of Christmas

Jonathan Fallis: "When using PowerShell 'get' commands, quite often the full property set is not returned. This is our tip on solving this!"
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Twelfth tip of Christmas

Peter Egerton: "My tip when using Configuration Manager Scripts to perform common tasks in near real time against 1 or many devices in a collection..."
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