Maximise your M365 investment for Endpoint Management and Security

IT leaders are faced with what feel like conflicting goals – cut costs, improve productivity and adopt modern ways of working – but there’s a key piece of the puzzle missing.

Over 50% of IT leaders have invested in technology that simply isn’t being used across the business; Gartner reports show more than 25% of software is sitting on the shelf gathering dust while end users continue utilising outdated processes.


Meanwhile businesses are working hard to adopt modern device management and improve remote working security, often investing in new services already covered in existing M365 licensing.


The tools to build a modern, secure and productive workplace are already at your disposal – you just need to understand how to use them. 

What's the solution?

Business and IT leaders want to introduce change but are struggling to get started without a full understanding of their IT estate and the tools already available to them. IT teams find themselves paying for software and services already available within their M365 licensing, wasting time and money. There are four key steps to solving these issues:

  • Understand your goals and environment
  • Consolidate software and reduce costs
  • Change user behaviour
  • Align business goals with IT solutions

We’ve developed our interactive M365 workshops to help IT teams achieve these goals and maximise ROI from their M365 investments.


Our complementary, interactive workshops help you maximise your investments, increase ROI and adopt best practice across the business, using the tools and technology already available to you. 


We work to understand your business goals and your current IT estate to help you map out a strategy that achieves your targets, creating high level recommendations across modern management, Windows as a service and M365 security.

Key benefits

Holistic, best-practice security

Increased end-user productivity, wherever they are

Optimised, stable and effective modern EUC service

Reduced complexity with modern management

Increased ROI and reduced spend


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What's involved?

Explore the technical landscape with an interactive session with high level recommendations across Modern Management, Windows Lifecycle and M365 Security.


Qualification criteria

For each of the workshops below please see the following qualification criteria:

  • We offer these workshops to organisations with IT HQ based in UK or EU
  • These workshops are designed for organisations of approx. 500 seats and above, and best attended by IT Management or Stakeholders, and the EUC/Infrastructure/Operations Leads.
  • These workshops are only relevant for organisations with M365/EMS E3/E5 investments in place or who are looking to purchase of these licenses.

Modern management can empower your IT team and create competitive advantage for your business, but without a clear plan it can feel unattainable.

This complementary workshop will help you map out the unique approach your business requires and break down the journey to modern management.

After this 2hr workshop with one of our solutions consultants you’ll leave with:

  • A tailored roadmap to achieving modern management within, using existing M365 investments
  • Supporting high-level recommendations and next steps report.
  • A clear view of the benefits of modern management for your business.
  • A plan to achieving maximum ROI from your Microsoft investments.

Managing Windows as a Service can feel complex, but creating a robust deployment and management process will allow your team to manage Windows 10 and 11 securely, safely and efficiently.


This complementary workshop will help you map out your Windows management strategy and maximise ROI from your M365 investment.


During this 2hr workshop with your management and technical teams our Solutions Consultant will help you understand technical capabilities and efficiencies you can unlock using your existing M365 investment, along with supporting high-level recommendations documentation and a next steps report.

Many companies are trapped in a reactive approach to security and defence, putting their business at risk from ransomware and cyber attacks.

This complementary workshop will help you reduce enterprise risk with a proactive, strategic approach to security for your business.

Our Solutions Consultant will run a 2hr workshop on security to discuss ransomware protection, backup solutions and support recommended core standards and creating future state targets across E3 and E5 security. 

Next steps

After the workshop, we can help you continue on your journey towards a modern M365 workplace, building out a roadmap to suit your unique business needs and goals:

Solutions Alignment

Our experts help you identify the best technology and processes to solve business challenges and support your team now and in the future.

Professional Services

Leverage PowerONs Professional Services to achieve a set technical goal using consultancy and support services.

Managed Services

Our integration service to support complex time-consuming workloads across the EUC, Server and Backup environment.


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