Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service is our simplified virtual desktop and applications solution. We'll design the solution alongside a tailored strategy to deliver modern workplace and operational services unique to your business needs.

Key features

Enhanced yet simplified security

Always On VPN

Stateless applications and data

Best virtualised end-user experience

What's involved?

Desktop as a Service provides the following key capabilities:


Stateless Applications and Data – Applications and data are setup independent of device or location.


Best Virtualised End-User Experience – Enhanced protocols for dynamically adapting bandwidth utilisation, containerised user profiles for fast load times, native O365 performance, ‘like-local’ experience from a wide range of supported devices and platforms, confident you are providing the best-in class experience for your users.


Enhanced Security with Simplified Configuration – With sophisticated security services easily configured through Azure AD, Reduced Attack Service, Granular Access Control and Isolated Users sessions the service provides a confident approach to addressing security for your corporate services.


Efficient and Simplified Management – ‘One Service’ supporting both desktop and remote app experience, flexible user experience, familiar access to resource, multiple tools for automated deployment, and a simplified service management.


Built on Azure – Built on a trusted Public Cloud Service for standardisation, global support and confident security for the infrastructure.

What are the benefits?

  • Cost-effective hardware and service for fixed users

  • Business continuity

  • BYOD and mobile support

  • Contractor and partner access

  • Short-term employee solutions

  • Security and regulation support

  • Flexible, cost-optimised infrastructure

  • Simplified virtual desktop and applications

  • Work from anywhere, on any device

  • Strong, secure application controls

  • Scalable, on-demand to business needs

  • secure remote access options for users

Why PowerON?

As a specialised provider of Modern Security and Management Services, holder of multiple Microsoft Gold Partner certifications and exclusive recognition as a Microsoft Elite Partner for Enterprise Mobility Management, PowerON is proudly a partner of choice for customers, partners and Microsoft alike.


Furthermore, PowerON boasts a number of employees identified as Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) whom have a direct working relationship with Microsoft’s product engineering teams. When combined with our long, varied and proven delivery experience PowerON is guaranteed to provide you with a solution that aligns to your IT needs with confidence.

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