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How to Plot Your Microsoft Azure Migration Path


Moving to the cloud can be a daunting task. Where do you start, what can you move, how can cloud services benefit you? In partnership with Microsoft, PowerON held two Immersion Workshops; one at Microsoft Paddington on 7th March and one at Malmaison, Manchester on 8th March.

During Microsoft and PowerON’s one-day workshop, we explored cloud possibilities as well as combining on premise solutions with Microsoft Azure and ensuring control over resources and cost.

Workshop Agenda:

Session 1: Cloud is an approach not a destination 

PowerON believes migrating to the Cloud is an evolution not a revolution. Cloud enables organisations access to an expanse of application services, whilst eliminating the costs associated with purchasing, maintaining and upgrading new IT hardware and software.

  • Cloud is not so different to what we know
  • Common starting points for Public Cloud
  • Structured approach to plan, migrate, optimise and manage
    • Core principles to consider
    • Reinventing your computing resources
    • Re imaging your business services
    • PowerON approach

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Session 2: Developments for your on-premise cloud and multi-cloud management

Recently, Microsoft released Azure Stack to enhance their hybrid capabilities. This provides customers with the ability to deploy in their own Datacentre and flex between Private and Public Cloud. In this session we explored what this means for organisations and how you can digitise your computing resources to leverage cloud, whether on premise, in the cloud or a mix of the two.

  • Where is Microsoft taking on premise
  • Software defined DC capabilities
  • Azure Stack – Black Box Azure Region
  • Systems management
  • Operational monitoring
  • Azure Backup, Site Recovery and Dev/Test Labs

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Session 3: A View from the Trenches – A Customer Story

An Azure customer shared their Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform adoption experiences including why they chose to invest in cloud, business benefits, expectations and challenges.

  • Talk of a customer’s journey and Q&A

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Session 4: Managing your Resources Consumption in an “All You Can Eat” World- 

Cloud brings many benefits and strengths to organisations through introducing new ways of working and business agility. However, Cloud fundamentally changes the governance requirements for customers as they move from Physical Restrictions on Usage to an environment where the limit is endless. In this session, we looked at ways to plan, manage and keep track of your usage in a Consumption based charging model.

  • Azure Billing
  • Tagging of Resources
  • Azure Monitor
  • PowerON Assured Cloud

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