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Enables the drastic reduction in deployment timelines and internal staff overhead


Low Risk Engagement Model through removing manual build work, focusing on the key elements of design and use


Enterprise quality deployment with assured outcome, providing the ability to customise as needed

We felt there was a better way!

PowerON’s team are experienced in the deployment and most importantly the tooling of System Center since the early days of SMS 1.0! Over the years the PowerON team has gained insight into the functional benefits of System Center and invested both time and resource into enhancing the organisational benefits for customers using System Center through correct implementation and usability of its applications.

PowerON was established on the development of its own revolutionary System Center IT services, products and offerings which simplify System Center adoption for organisations. To this end PowerON has two primary elements it focuses on; IP (Intellectual Property) Enabled delivery and Adoption Support.

PowerON’s System Center Automated Delivery solutions have been created to automate both the core deployment and a level of configuration of the functional capabilities of the tools. This enables your team to have an operationally ready system out of the box. Knowing that many customers would require customised solutions we have designed the products to be modular and fully customisable. This enables customers to bring anything from a single component to all as a package with add-ons and additional configurations as required.

PowerON’s solutions can be deployed in multiple scenarios whether this be into a Hosted Cloud such as Azure or Amazon, onto your existing infrastructure or in a purpose built appliance model.

Just ask our team to find out more!

“The deployment automation developed by PowerON enables customers to achieve advanced IT capabilities head on, delivering highly standardised System Center infrastructures in mere hours that would normally require days of manual deployment efforts” Cireson Partner and Community Enablement

“The fact we could deploy System Center within thirty days has made a massive different to us because we may have had to hold onto the LANDesk solution for an extra year which would have put everything else back steps, so that’s absolutely superb” PPDG


PowerON System Center Solution Portfolio

Interested in PowerON’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Fastrack? Why PowerON Kamino enables you to deploy SCCM yourself!


Through leveraging PowerON’s System Center Solutions your team would realise:

  • Meet Demanding Project Deadlines – PowerON’s tools result in significantly reduced delivery timelines
  • Assured Enterprise Grade Delivery – PowerON has taken all of our learning from the many years of working with System Center and poured this into our products. So you know when you invest with PowerON the deployment quality will be enterprise grade each and every time. It does exactly what it says on the tin!
  • Utilisation of Existing Software Investments – We know that due to the licensing models nearly 80% of Microsoft customers will own System Center in one form or another, but certainly not that many benefit from it. PowerON helps to provide an easier path for you to leverage your software investments
  • Partnership Invested in Usage – PowerON believe that deployment is only the start of your journey and we are committed to working with our customers to ensure they both deploy but more importantly use the technologies they have invested into

Would you like to know more about System Center Automated Deployment? Let us know below and we will be in touch shortly.

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