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Interactive, visual and data rich business intelligence.

Simplified Reporting

Save time and make reporting easy by utilising prebuilt reports from our System Center & Power BI experts.

Transform Your Data

Help drive your organisation with greater visibility over System Center data through business intelligence.

Get Interactive

Enhance your reporting with the data that matters through rich visuals and dynamically filterable data.

Your Data Anywhere

Use the power of cloud-based analytics service Power BI Pro to publish your reports, making them available anywhere through desktop and mobile platforms.

Customised Analytics

Our Power BI developers can customise and develop reports to meet your organisation’s needs, enhancing our already rich report offerings.


Whether using reporting for individual use through the Power BI desktop or collaborating and sharing with colleagues through Power BI’s cloud services. PowerON Power BI can guide you every step of the way.

PowerON Power BI offers support designed to resolve, train and improve. Enabling your organisation to do more through guidance and support in getting the most out of your reporting and analytics.


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Counting The Costs Of Cloud

Counting the Costs of Cloud

Counting the Costs of Cloud Microsoft Azure Microsoft have come a long way with Azure in the last few years with its General Availability launch in February 2010. Since then we’ve seen the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) side grow…

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Webinar: Commercial Assessment And Management Of The Cloud

Webinar: Commercial Assessment and Management of the Cloud

Commercial Assessment and Management of the Cloud  Struggling to establish how much your infrastructure or services might cost to run in public cloud, or have you already made an investment in Cloud services and worried you haven’t got clarity of…

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Commercial Management And Assured Cloud

Commercial Management and Assured Cloud

Commercial Management and Assured Cloud   Azure continues to increase in popularity as a preferred cloud service. This is primarily due to its hosting infrastructure, platform services, scalability, flexibility and cost models. After you have migrated your services what are…

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