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IT Automation – Enabling IT to do more with less

Our Company goal is to help our customers simplify their IT Operations and improve user experience through modern deployment and delivery approaches.

PowerON was created with the above goal, and with this we have created a unique approach through the mixture of Specialist Consultancy skills with our own internal Product Development teams. With our focus capabilities being on the IT Operations of your business.

The following summaries our service offerings

Product Solutions

PowerON’s Product Solution was initially founded on the basis of “if you do something more than once, automate it”. With this our first products and many of our strengths today has been in advanced automation capabilities. Those Solution have also now being enhanced and expanded with the delivery of Online Service Platforms to simplify the delivery and management of IT Operations.

Pulse DMS

Pulse Device Management & Security (DMS) is a specialist Online Service that provides enterprise device management capabilities as a cloud service…

Pulse OM

Pulse Operational Monitoring (OM) provides a unified online platform to monitor health, performance and availability data from your servers, network and application workloads.


PowerON Kamino is a specially developed system leveraging advanced Automation and Cloud technologies to provide an online delivery platform that can deploy various specialist installations packages

Specialist Packages

PowerON continually strives to simplify and standardise our customers use of solutions and technologies.

At PowerON we have taken a modern, automated approach to delivery, installation and deployment services. By streamlining our IT service offerings we can deliver quality services in a fraction of the time (when compared to competitors)… PowerON is a consulting company worth engaging with!

Consultancy Services

Our range of Consultancy Services have been organised into a mutually complementary and modular approach so that our clients are able to engage with PowerON’s consulting teams on the basis that fits to their organisation needs.

Modern Workplace

Within our Modern Workplace Specialism our consultants support customers with the different moving parts related Migrating, Deploying, Managing and Securing their End Users devices and access to business resources.

Integrated IT Service Management

As a specialist provider for Microsoft SysCtr, our Integrated IT Service Management consultants support customers with ensuring an optimum deployment and usage of Service Manager and Orchestrator as an ITSM based Service Management Solution.

Cloud Platform

Within our Cloud Platform specialism our consultants support you with implementing Software Defined Computing / Private Cloud capabilities on-premise, and migrating/intermixing this with Public Cloud Services to create a right-sized and right-fit Cloud Platform for your business.

Smart Teaming

Building on the strong Product Solutions and Consultancy Skills within PowerON, we offer annual support or managed service offerings to our customers. This can range from simple extended report, to management of users Image, Applications and Patching Services.

If you would like to learn more about our consultancy services, please speak to a member of the PowerON team by calling 0800 302 9280 or emailing us.