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Achieve Your IT & Business Objectives

Our consultancy services can be as bespoke as our customers need them to be to ensure they can meet their IT demands and business objectives


PowerON Fastrack deployments enable our customers to benefit from the complete functional capabilities of a number of Microsoft products and solutions in days rather than weeks or months. PowerON has designed its Fastrack solutions to automate and simplify the installation and consumption of Microsoft software products such as System Center, Remote App, Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite and Windows Intune.

By reducing the time to install and integrate Microsoft solutions customers save both time, money and resources. Furthermore, PowerON’s Fastrack services ensure your installation is always aligned to best practices and product line architecture.

PowerON Fastrack Services

Enabling Rapid Deployment of a Unified Device Management Platform

PowerON ‘s Enterprise Device Management Fastrack is designed to get customers up and running with a fully configured systems management infrastructure across primary to mobile devices within their business as soon as possible. This is built around System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 extended through a hybrid cloud model utilising Windows InTune and Azure AD.

  1. Design
  2. Configure
  3. Train

Service Approach Benefits

  • Maximise your utilisation of existing licensing investments
  • Consistent experience for your users
  • Quick turnaround with an end to end process done typically over 4 weeks
  • Reduce overhead management costs of having multiple siloed solutions to a single unified solution

Enabling Rapid Utilisation of Microsoft Cloud Services

The Identity Sync Fastrack from PowerONPlatforms allows you to give your staff access to benefits from Microsoft cloud services such as Office365, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite with no impact to your current environment. This enables IT to leverage investments made into technologies to deliver high value, as a quick win for your business. This will expedite the process of technical setup and user license assignment.

We commonly see this service being leveraged to deliver against the below scenario types:

  • Provide a company managed Document Store and Mobile Office Apps for users
  • Consistent User Login Experience
  • Quickly Enable Lync Standard for communication and user collaboration


PowerON‘s consultants will work with your team to ensure that your business is ready to move through the ser-vice. This will focus on ensuring we have the right credentials to support the service and provide any recommen-dations against your Active Directory Records


PowerON’s consultants will setup the Azure AD tenancy, Validate your domains & DNS entries and Enable Directory Synchronisation. We will Configure Synchronisation, Filtering, Configure UPN’s on test accounts and test cloud logins and license assignments your Active Directory Records


PowerON’s consultants will provide you with fully documented outputs from the setup and configuration of the Azure Connect tool environment setup and walk your team through this to ensure they are fully comfortable to manage and maintain your Active Directory Records

Service Approach Benefits

  • Maximise your utilisation of Microsoft Cloud Services
  • Consistent User Logon experience for your Users
  • Customers can utilise their investment immediately
  • Speed your Transition to Cloud


PowerON understands that when it comes to deployment options one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. PowerON has created a number of alternative methods to help customers pick a Deployment solution to suit their business needs.

Every customer is unique and at PowerON we have the flexibility to customise every deployment to meet the customer objectives. If you are unsure what the best solution is for you or would like a prescriptive deployment please contact us.

Turn-Key Deployment from PowerON is the complete deployment package. Whether you are looking at System Center or Azure, PowerON’s team of technical experts will help you throughout your IT project. The service includes design, installation, cross-training, deployment, and support are managed with the utmost attention to detail by the foremost consulting experts in the industry. If you are unsure what the best solution is for you or would like a prescriptive deployment please contact us.

PowerON has the best of breed technical specialists who will be on hand to support your technical teams. Guided Deployment allows you to deploy your own solutions with PowerON providing you with all the tools and process to ensure a successful deployment. A PowerON’s consultant will work with your team to support you in designing your roadmap and technical architecture as well as enabling your team to gain all the essential skills to manage your Microsoft solution along with reference guides.

PowerON’s guided deployment solution is designed to empower your company to manage the solution with confidence and enable you to manage your solution moving forward. If you are unsure what the best solution is for you or would like a prescriptive deployment please contact us.