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Frustrated by the time it takes to implement more traditional IT solutions, and fuelled by the passion and the expertise to change the IT landscape, the PowerON team developed a set of unique, game-changing solutions. The business now boasts a suite of market-leading products which are helping organisations realise the twin benefits of higher output and increased organisational flexibility in record time.

Outcome is All

At PoweronPlatforms our focus is firmly on outcomes. We work with our clients to paint a picture of what the best outcome looks like now and into the future. We insist on total clarity in terms of cost, deliverables and overall outcome. Then we accelerate our customers to where they want to be using the most modern delivery methods, automation and best practice as standard.

Relationships that Work

We take a consultative approach to our relationships. That can sometimes mean saying “no”. But in the interest of assuring the best possible outcomes for our clients, honesty and trust are everything. Our clients trust in our knowledge and ability to make their organisations work more effectively, and we never let them down.

Passionate about Progress

IT might not float everyone’s boat, but for our team it’s a passion. The right solutions, perfectly applied, can help organisations realise tangible business benefits. We are at the forefront of creating and implementing those solutions. PowerONPlatforms isn’t about simply reacting to changes in the industry. We’re the ones making the changes happen.

Sharing our Knowledge

We believe that great IT management solutions can help make the world a better place. To this end we invest time, money and resource back into community-based activities to provide knowledge, and to help drive engagement across every space. We do this via our MVPs, playing a lead role in the CloudOS community, our blogs and provision of free resources to all.


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