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Providing Powerful, High Quality IT Management & Cloud Automation Solutions to organisations of all sizes.

Experts in IT Automation, PowerON removes the complexity and costs associated with the management and implementation of IT Solutions


PowerON leads with a modern approach to installation & deployment services. PowerON have built and continue to develop a range of automated deployment, turn-key appliance and hosted Platform-as-a-Service solutions.


PowerON provides flexible consultancy services designed to support our customers business objectives. Offering a range of guided, turn-key and custom deployment services PowerON is experienced to guide you with your IT challenges.


PowerON listens to its customers and offers support designed to resolve, train and improve. PowerON’s Enablement Support team understand their customers’ challenges and design a solution round their objectives.


“The deployment automation developed by PowerON enables customers to achieve advanced IT capabilities head on, delivering highly standardised System Center infrastructures in mere hours that would normally require days of manual deployment efforts” Cireson Partner and Community Enablement

“The fact we could deploy System Center within thirty days has made a massive different to us because we may have had to hold onto the LANDesk solution for an extra year which would have put everything else back steps, so that’s absolutely superb” PPDG

‘ PowerON’s technical expertise are by far the best in the market. Their knowledge of systems and IT skills exceed expectations.’

Paul Reavey, ICT Service Delivery Manager, School Partnership Trust Academies


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Secure your Modern Workplace with Microsoft

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Windows Autopilot, a New Era.

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IT Firm Powers on with Strong Financial Results

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